"This October, 666 Pumpkin Head Punks will rise
from beyond the blockchain!"


Crypto Punkins are unique pieces of digital artwork generated randomly to create one of a kind NFT collectables that double as in game avatars and profile pictures.

On Oct 31st, special prizes and ETH will be awarded to rare Punkin owners.


Crypto Punkins

What To Know


Only 666 unique Punkin NFTs will be minted.
Public mint will be on October 8th @12pm MST.
Yes, active community members will be rewarded with pre-sale. Pre-sale will launch 24 hours in advance of public mint.
Yes! Development of a Punkin Launcher game has already begun! Get ready to launch your Punkin to greatness!

Future Roadmap

Trick or Treat

On October 31st the owners of the top 20% rarest Punkins will receive a split of 20% ETH raised. Addtional Prizes will also be awarded to random Punkin holders!

  • Punkins Costume Contest
  • Punkins Meme Contest
  • Community Art Contest

20% Punkins SOLD

20 Punkin Giveaway
- 10 NFT giveaways in Discord
- 10 NFT giveaways on Twitter

50% Punkins SOLD

- Community Vote on Charity Donation (5%)
- Launch Week Prize Drops Begin

80% Punkins SOLD

- Crypto Punkins will be added to rarity.tools
- Start working on the Crypto Punkins Comic Book
- Community Planning & Suggestions

100% Punkins SOLD

- Punkin Costume Contest Twitter & Discord
- Punkin Meme Contest
- Community Art Contest
- Start working on animated video series

Punkins are here...

We SOLD OUT in only 10 min!

Launch Week Prizes

Don't miss out! Join the Punkin community to be one of the lucky people who will be awarded with a special prize.

Join the Community

Join Discord and Follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with all the latest Punkin news as well a chance to earn yourself a presale spot.